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Gulfivsa is a UK authorised visa agency providing tourist visas for over 20 countries to both British and non-UK residents.

What is a tourist visa?

A tourist visa is a document issued to travellers visiting a foreign country for leisure purposes, such as a holiday, involving no business activities. This authorises the individual to enter and remain in the territory during the specified dates. Some tourist visas also allow the holder to leave and re-enter the country during this time period. Without this important document, a traveller is unlikely to be granted entry to the country in question.

What is the difference between a tourist visa and a travel visa?

A travel visa is a broad term which encompasses a number of variations. This means that business visas, student visas, and medical visas all count as different kinds of travel visa. Therefore, a tourist visa is also a type of travel visa.

What is a tourist e-visa?

Tourist visas were once only printed inside a passport, but e-visas now allow state officials to view any required travel authorisation digitally. Applicants must complete an application online, and once this has been approved, a link to the e-visa will be emailed to the applicant, which can later be accessed by passport control officers through a specialised system at the point of entry.

What is the difference between a tourist visa and a tourist e-visa?

The main difference between a tourist visa and tourist e-visa is that the former is issued in physical form, while the second can only be seen digitally. Both forms of documentation grant tourists entry to their country of choice. However, not every nation offers an e-visa option, so visitors may need to apply for a paper version instead.

Furthermore, e-visas aren’t usually suitable for tourists who want to stay abroad for long periods of time, and standard tourist visas will typically be required in these instances. For more information on a country’s visa policy, please contact the relevant embassy.

How do you get a tourist visa?

Tourist visas are issued through the UK-based embassy of a visitor’s chosen country, and the process often involves a great deal of paperwork and even visits to the embassy itself. Here at Gulfvisa, we strive to simplify visa applications as much as possible. Our one-stop solution covers every step on your behalf and includes taxes, handling fees and embassy charges. We also conduct an expert pre-check of your application before sending it to government officials, ensuring there will be no delays and allowing you to obtain your tourist visa as quickly as possible.

What does Gulfvisa’s tourist visa application process involve?

Applying for your travel documentation through Gulfvisa is incredibly easy. Simply complete all the required paperwork and post this to us along with your passport and two 5cm x 5cm photographs. We’ll take it from there, and deliver your tourist visa to your home as soon as possible. Please note that the time this takes depends on the specific embassy. For example, a visa for China can be processed in up to four days, while those for Uzbekistan can take up to two weeks.

Which countries do Gulfvisa’s tourist visa services cover?

Here at Gulfvisa, we can provide customers with tourist visas for the following countries:

Click on the name of the country your visiting for more information on how Gulfvisa can arrange your tourist visa.

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