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With a population of just over 4.5 million, Kuwait may be one of the smaller nations in the Persian Gulf, but its historical and cultural significance to the area can’t be overstated.

Gulfvisa makes it easier than ever for people in the UK to apply for a Kuwait visa, whether they’re visiting for business or pleasure. Our application process saves you having to worry about sending your own passport and forms to the Kuwaiti Embassy.

Instead, our expert team handles all of your documentation and submits your information, saving you the additional costs of Kuwait visa fees, as well as general administrative complications.

finished in 1-2 working day

finished in 1-2 working day

How to apply for a Kuwait visa?

We break the process for Kuwait visa application down into the following four steps:

  1. Be sure of which type of Kuwait visa you need to apply for. If you plan on working in Kuwait and have a work permit letter from your employer, you will need a Kuwait work visa. If you are joining a member of your immediate family (e.g. spouse, children, and parents etc.) who is working in the country, and have a Kuwait Joining Family Permit, you will need a Kuwait Joining Family Visa.

  2. Have your paperwork organised. Read through our pages about your required visa and make a note of all supporting documents you need to submit alongside your applications. Please note that they will differ depending on which visa you need, so check thoroughly. All information alongside the visa application form and the general checklist can be found in our all-in-one visa pack (click for an example visa pack)

  3. Pay for the visa you need - our Kuwait visa services can be paid by credit or debit card, as well as Apple Pay.

  4. Submit your documents. To complete the process, simply post your application to our offices. These documents must include your passport, supplementary passport photos, and your declaration form. We should be able to return your processed application within 3 or 4 days, but you can apply for a fast service on our Kuwait work visa, which will only take 1-2 days.

Kuwait Visa Cost

Type of Visa Service duration Fees GBP (£)
Family Visa

Fast: Completed within the same working day

Standard: Completed within 3-4 working days

From £199.00
Work Visa

Fast: Completed within the same working day

Standard: Completed within 3-4 working days

From £199.00


Travel to Kuwait - A Gulfvisa Guide

A nation made up of nine separate islands, Kuwait is home to the sixth largest oil reserves in the world, which is the primary driving force behind its economy, accounting for 50% of its GDP. As such, it has become a highly desirable place to do business.

Kuwaiti Culture

Despite being located in one of the most arid parts of the planet, Kuwait—and its capital city in particular—has become a thriving business metropolis.

Its population is primarily made up of expats, who make up 70% of Kuwait’s citizens. Kuwait’s primary religion is Islam, and despite its secular court system, Islamic law is a key part of the nation’s legal system, hence why alcohol is prohibited.

Recently, Kuwait’s business culture has undergone a huge transformation, with startups and Instagram shopfronts capturing the imaginations of a new generation of Kuwaiti consumers.

Kuwait's Economy

Kuwait is the fourth richest country on Earth, and the second richest in the Middle East. thanks to its vast oil reserves. Oil was first discovered in Kuwait in 1937, nearly four decades after the country fell into British control at the tail end of the 19th century. The country gained its independence in the early sixties, and spent nearly fifty years warring with other nations over control of its petroleum reserves.

In spite of this, and as a result of its petroleum economy, Kuwait’s currency—the dinar—is the world’s highest-valued. As such, it provides a great deal of financial aid to other nearby countries, through state programs such as the Kuwait Fund For Arab Economic Development.

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