Frequently Asked Questions

What is a visa? Where can I obtain a visa? How long will it take to obtain a visa? How much will a visa cost me? I've heard I cannot get a visa for certain countries, is this true? What happens if my visa expires? Do GulfVisa guarantee a successful application/attestation? Why set up an account with GulfVisa? What is the GulfVisa address? How long after receiving the documents will GulfVisa submit my documents? What are your opening times? Can I contact GulfVisa via social media? I've noticed this is a new website, but is GulfVisa run by the same people? Is there another branch for GulfVisa? Is there a representative for GulfVisa in Saudi Arabia? What times are phone lines open? Where are your prices? How can I see what services you offer? I'd like to get in touch regarding a business proposal, how can I do that?
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