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If you are planning to travel to China to work or study, you will need your personal documents verified by an official body. Document attestation from the Chinese embassy in the UK proves that your paperwork is genuine, and without undertaking this step, it will be considered invalid. This will leave you unable to proceed with your plans in China.

Completing this process alone can be complicated and inconvenient, which is why our all-inclusive China document attestation service is so useful. We remove the stress involved by handling everything on your behalf, enabling you to get personal documents like birth and marriage certificates attested.

GulfVisa's China document attestation process

Documents that require attestation from the Chinese embassy must first be stamped by a solicitor and the British Foreign Office (FCO). Only then can they be passed onto the embassy for final attestation. GulfVisa can take care of document authentication at all three stages, quickly and simply verifying the validity of all paperwork. Some documentation does not require attestation from a solicitor, however, in which case we will arrange authentication from both the Chinese embassy and the FCO.

Our China document attestation service is available at a fast rate of between one to two working days or a standard rate of seven working days. We also provide a courier delivery service, as well as an international delivery option for paperwork that needs to be shipped abroad. You can also receive a discount should you require three or more documents attested. Please contact us for more information about what we offer.

GulfVisa’s Chinese Attestation Services

finished 6 or 8 working days after submission

China document attestation cost

Types of document attestation Validity Fees GBP (£)
Personal Documents

Fast: Completed within 6 working days

Standard: Completed within 8 working days

From £87.00

How to attest your documents for China

Prepare all relevant documentation:

1. Please send us the following:

- Your personal documents, such as passports and birth certificates

- Alternatively, complete the GulfVisa document attestation form

2. Choose the China attestation service you need:

- Fast service (one to two working days)

- Standard service (seven working days)

3. Post or hand-deliver your documents to the GulfVisa office:

GulfVisa Ltd, 17 Hanover Square, Mayfair, London, W1S 1HU, UK

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