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Gulfvisa is a UK authorised visa agency, offering business visas in more than 20 countries to both British and non-UK residents.

What is a business visa?

A business visa is a document issued to individuals entering a foreign country for business purposes. Alternatively known as a commercial visa, it authorises the holder to engage in business activities or meetings that aren’t considered labour or gainful employment. These include training programs, business seminars and pre-sale contract negotiations, though the specifics vary from country to country. Business travel visas are often issued to those who are staying in a country for less than 90 days, such as investors, event lecturers and speakers, and professional athletes, though they are typically valid for at least six months and many holders stay for longer. This allows them to enter the country, and remain there during a specified period of time, with some countries also allowing individuals to leave and re-enter the country during this time. Without this crucial document, they will be unlikely to be permitted entry to the relevant country.

What is the difference between a business visa and a work visa?

Unlike a business visa, a work visa (also known as a work permit) is issued to those who will be undertaking activities considered job- or labour-related in that country. So, while individuals going on a business trip would apply for a commercial visa, those taking up a paid position would need to obtain a work visa instead.

What business visa requirements are there?

While business travel visa requirements differ between countries, some of the most common include an invitation letter for the business activity in question, proof of financial means, and a valid travel insurance policy. These are all necessary in addition to standard visa requirements such as a passport, recently taken photos of yourself and a completed application form.

How do you get a business visa?

Business visas are issued via the UK-based embassy of the relevant country. This can often be a drawn-out process, involving lots of paperwork and visits to the embassy itself. Here at Gulfvisa, we can remove that stress with our one-stop approach to business visa application. We’ll not only take care of every step of the process on your behalf, including taxes, handling fees and embassy charges, but will thoroughly check through your application before sending it to government officials. This can help to prevent hold-ups, and secure your business visa in no time.

What does Gulfvisa’s business visa application process involve?

Obtaining a business visa with Gulfvisa is very simple. All you need to do is fill out the required paperwork, send it to us with your passport and two 5cm x 5cm photographs, and then wait for your travel documentation to arrive. Please bear in mind that the length of this process will vary from embassy to embassy — for instance, an application to India typically takes four days while one to Iran can take up to two weeks.

Which countries do Gulfvisa’s business visa services cover?

Here at Gulfvisa, we can help you obtain business visas from the following countries:

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