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Brazil have now signed up to the Hague Convention, meaning they now recognise soliciter (apostille) certification. This means that you no longer need to get your documents attested from the Brazil embassy itself anymore. However, you will still require your documents to be stamped from either only the British Foreign Ministry (FCO) or the FCO & Solicitor. GulfVisa provides a document legalisation service for personal documents in the UK for both these services. Personal documents include degrees, marriage and birth certificates and many more (click here for more examples)

GulfVisa can provide a service to do up to both of these legalisations (solicitor only required if - - click here to see exemptions) in an easy, one-stop solution to get your documents done easily, quickly and with very little hassle.

Please note there are many terms used to describe ‘document legalisation ’ which all refer to the same process. These include document stamping, certification, authentication and attestation.

We offer a fast (1-2 working days) and normal (7 working days) service. Couriers are available, please contact us directly for more information.

Please note that we offer the option to deliver your documents overseas (via DHL). You can select this option during checkout on our website.

Finished within 1-2 or 7 working days

Why choose Gulfvisa?

Document attestation can be a tedious, long and potentially difficult process to undergo yourself. Our aim is to provide you with a complete and easy solution where you send us your documents and we do everything, including all the administration, hard work and running around on your behalf.

  1. Our Experience – document attestation is part of our everyday job. Therefore, we know the ins and outs of the process and can make sure that you have the absolute best chance of getting your documents attested the first time without any problems. This saves you time, effort and avoids any chance of running into problems - which of course could cost you even more money!
  2. Saves You Time – follow our easy-to-understand steps which include everything you need to know at any convenient time. Send us all the relevant documents for attestation as specified on the service page and leave the rest to us. This means no need to take time out from your busy daily schedule and also less time worrying about getting your documents attested correctly.
  3. Saves You on Money & Travel – sending us your documents from the comfort of your home or office and save yourself the travel cost, travel time and inconvenience. Not only that, but it removes the potential cost and nuisance of having to find accommodation in London. Bare in mind that in the vast majority of cases these documents need to be submitted and kept by the embassy for more than one working day. Therefore, using Gulfvisa saves you the need of cutting time out to travel to get the process done. Let us do it for you and save yourself the hassle. After all, time is money!
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