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Brazil Embassy Personal Document Legalisation

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Brazil Embassy Personal Document Legalisation

Brazil have now signed up to the Hague Convention, meaning they now recognise soliciter (apostille) certification. This means that you no longer need to get your documents legalised from the embassy itself anymore. However, if you are planning on working in Brazil, you will rstill equire your documents to be stamped from either only the British Foreign Ministry (FCO) or the FCO & Solicitor before your document can be recognised in Brazil. GulfVisa provides a document legalisation service for personal documents in the UK for both these services. Personal documents include degrees, marriage and birth certificates and many more (click here for more examples)

We offer services which include stamping from the solicitor and/or the British Foreign Office (FCO). We also offer international delivery (via DHL) which is available for selection on checkout.

How to get your documents legalised - 3 simple steps

1Prepare the following document legalisation requirements
Prepare the following requirements to send to GulfVisa. Please click the box on the right for the form.
  1. Your Original Personal Document
  2. Completed GulfVisa Document Legalisation Form (click download box on the right)


(Please note Gulfvisa will legalise a copy of your document except for the exempted documents below)


There are two compulsory parts to getting your document legalised so they can be recognised in Brazil.

Firstly, GulfVisa will stamp your document from a Solicitor (some documents are exempt – see below)

Secondly, we will stamp your document from the British Foreign Ministry (FCO)


The following documents are exempt from solicitor stamping:

- Original UK Birth Certificate

- Original UK Marriage Certificate

- Original UK Police Clearance Certificate (ACRO only)

- Original UK Death Certificate

- Original UK Medical Report signed by a UK Doctor*

* UK doctor must be registered with the British Foreign Office (FCO) Legalisation Department

Download Application Pack (forms & requirements)
— OR —
Send the forms & requirements by email:
2Order your document legalisation service now
Please select the service you require below. GulfVisa offer a standard (7 working days) and a fast (1-2 working days) service.
All-Inclusive GulfVisa Price: £89.00  per document
Which institutions do you need legalisation from?
Document legalisation service
No. of Document(s) / Applicant(s)
3Post (or drop off) the requirements to our GulfVisa office:

Do I need to send the original document or a copy?

You always need to provide your original certificate. Whether the original document or a copy of it is stamped depends on the following points:

- If your document is not exempt from solicitor stamping, we will make a copy of your document and stamp the copy. This is because the solicitor does not stamp originals. However, the solicitor must still see the original.

Note: Non-ACRO police certificates are the only original certificates which are legalised by the solicitor.

- If your document is exempt from solicitor stamping (see above), your original document will be stamped. This is because the FCO does not allow stamping of copies. Therefore, you must provide the original certificate.

Non-ACRO Police Certificates

ACRO Police Certificates are the only police certificates which do not require solicitor stamping. Therefore, you will only have to select the service which includes FCO. A non-ACRO police certificate can still be stamped however unlike ACRO it will require legalisation from the solicitor before it can be stamped by the FCO.

Therefore, please select the service which includes solicitor and FCO for non-ACRO police certificates

More Information:

There are a wide variety of terms which are used to describe ‘document legalisation’. These include document attestation, authentication, stamping, verification and certification.

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