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South Korea Business Visa

Those wanting to visit South Korea for business purposes for longer than 90 days must obtain a business visa. This is the maximum amount of time that UK citizens are entitled to remain in the country visa-free, meaning that those planning an extended stay should secure this travel documentation in advance.

GulfVisa’s South Korea business visa service takes the burden of applying for travel documentation off your shoulders, with our expert team taking care of all necessary arrangements. As an authorised visa agency with significant experience securing visas for our clients, you can trust GulfVisa to obtain yours efficiently and quickly.


Please scroll down below to step 1 to begin the process of obtaining your South Korea business travel visa.

How to obtain a South Korea business visa in three simple steps

1Requirements for a South Korea Business Visa
  1. Passport that’s valid for at least six months beyond your entry date and has at least one blank visa page.
  2. One recent passport-sized photo taken in front of a white background.
  3. One fully completed and signed visa application form — this document should not be printed double-sided and the signature should match the one in your passport.
  4. An original business introduction letter from your UK company.
  5. A copy of a letter of invitation from your host company in South Korea. 
  6. A copy of your employment contract. If you are visiting a South Korean branch of your UK company, then you must provide a contract from your UK employer. However, if you are visiting a different company in South Korea, you need to provide an employment contract from both your UK employer and the South Korean business.
  7. A copy of your host company’s business registration certificate, issued within the last three months.
  8. A copy of your flight booking confirmation showing return flights.
  9. A completed supplementary form.
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Who needs a South Korea business visa?

A South Korea business visa is compulsory for those staying in the country for more than 90 days and looking to undertake certain corporate activities. These include exploring business opportunities, undergoing unpaid training, and signing company contracts.

Can I get a multi-entry South Korea business visa?

South Korea does offer multi-entry visas, but these are issued at the discretion of the embassy and cannot be guaranteed.

More Information

Does a South Korea business visa cover work activities?

A South Korea business visa does not allow you to do things that are considered work or gainful employment. If you’re looking to visit South Korea for work or labour purposes, you will need a work permit instead.

What should be included in the South Korea business visa invitation letter?

This letter should be from your employer or sponsoring company, and include your name, employment status, and reasons for visiting South Korea. The letter must also contain the contact information of the party who will be financially responsible for you. This correspondence must be presented on company stationery with an official letterhead and stamp. Please see our visa pack for more details.

When does a South Korea business visa become valid?

A South Korea business visa is valid for 90 days from the date of issue, not the date of entry into the country.

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