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Saudi Arabia Personal Visa (non-UK national)

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Saudi Arabia Personal Visa (non-UK national)

To obtain a Saudi Arabia Personal Visa, you can be invited by a Saudi national after approval from the Saudi Foreign Ministry. GulfVisa provides an all-inclusive service which obtains Saudi Arabian Personal visas on your behalf for non-UK passport holders. We make the complex visa process simple for you, allowing you to get your visa with minimal effort – saving you time for your busy daily schedule, money and any travel inconvenience. The Saudi visa process is full of many different parts, some of which can be difficult to understand and undergo. Therefore, by using us, you can have the peace of mind going about your working day, knowing fully well that GulfVisa is taking good care of your Saudi Arabia visa application.

IMPORTANT NEW NOTICE: From 30th October 2023 the Saudi Embassy will require all applicants to submit their fingerprints at a Saudi Visa Centre in London. We will make an appointment on your behalf based on your availability. 

How to obtain a Saudi Arabia Personal Visa - 3 simple steps

1Requirements for a Saudi Arabia Personal Visa

IMPORTANT CORONAVIRUS NOTICE: Please complete and send us Covid 19 form  alongside the other requirements.  

  1. Passport (must be valid for more than 6 months + two blank pages facing each other).
  2. Two passport sized photos (must be recently taken + have a white background).
  3. Complete the Saudi Family Visit Visa application form (available on page 2 of our Pack).
  4. Copy of the Visa Authorisation Letter from a Saudi citizen (i.e. a friend) in Saudi Arabia who needs to apply for it from the Saudi Foreign Ministry (template available on page 3 of our Pack).
  5. Fill the Saudi Medical Emergency Form (available on page 4 of our Pack).
  6. Print and sign the Declaration form (available on pages 5 & 6 of our Pack).
  7. European passport holders (non-British) must also submit a photocopy of utlity bill (must be the most recent one).
  8. Non - European passport holders should send us their Copy UK Residence Permit (example on page 8 of our Pack).
Download Application Pack (forms & requirements)
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Send the forms & requirements by email:
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Who is a Saudi Arabia Personal Visa for?

This 'Saudi Personal Visa' is for people who have a friend (who is a Saudi national living in Saudi) that has applied and gained approval from the Saudi Froeign Ministry (which is requirement 4). 

Important Notices

  1. You must put your previous nationality when you fill the Saudi visa application form. If you have no previous nationality put NA. Putting a previous nationality will not affect your application but not putting previous nationality might delay your application.
  2. Parents can sign on behalf their children on all forms.
  3. Please write the names behind the photos when you send us more than one application.

How long is my visa valid for?

For single visas, you must travel to Saudi Arabia witihin 89 days from the date of visa issue on your passport.

For multiple visas, you must travel to Saudi Arabia within 180 or 365 or 730 days (depending on the visa invitation/authorisation letter you have received from your relative - requirement 4). You must choose the corresponding service to what is written in this letter.  

To see how long you can stay in Saudi for (starting from the day you land), please read the visa invitation/authorisation letter (requirement 4) that you would receive from your relative. 

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