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China Tourist Visas from the UK

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China Tourist Visas from the UK

If you are visiting China for a holiday, to see family, or for any other non-commercial purpose, you can only do so with a China tourist visa. Without this documentation, you will be denied entry upon arrival.

Here at Gulfvisa, our China visa services simplify the application process and ensure you are issued with the correct documentation with no fuss. Thanks to our agents’ expertise, you no longer need to worry about the complicated requirements and terminology involved in obtaining a visa. Simply provide us with the necessary documentation and we take care of every step of the application, leaving you free to plan your trip.

IMPORTANT: From 12th November 2018 fingerprints will be requested for all visas on submission of application. Please arrive at the visa centre (basement) by 9:45am on submission day and you will be called when it is your turn. 

Please scroll down below to step 1 to begin the process of obtaining your China Tourist Visit visa.

How to obtain a China tourist visa from the UK

1Requirements for an China Tourist Visit Visa

9th January 2019: There is a new application form that you should complete on a website online. Please use the link in requirement 3 and NOT the form in the Pack (we will update the Pack shortly).

8th May 2018: The Embassy no longer offers refunds if the length of validity of the visa you receive is not the same as the one applied for. The visa validity issued is up to the Embassy's discretion. 

  1. Your passport. This must be valid for a minimum of six months following your entry date and have two blank adjoining pages.
  2. A 5x5cm passport-style photo. This must have been taken recently against a white background. Make sure your ears are showing and you’re not wearing any jewellery.
  3. A completed Chinese tourist visa application form. This can be found by clicking here and following the instructions from the ‘new application form’ option. Do NOT use the application form in the Gulfvisa pack on the right. This document is being updated and will not be accepted in its current state.
  4. Biometrics, which you will provide to the China Visa Application Service Centre in London. You can submit your fingerprints on every weekday. Please email Gulfvisa at least a day before your desired appointment slot. Click here for more information on fingerprint submission, and here for directions to the centre.
  5. A copy of your flight and hotel details, which illustrate that you are travelling from the UK.
  6. A copy of your most recent Chinese visa, if you have one.
  7. A printed and completed declaration form, which can be found on page 6 of the Gulfvisa pack.

Please note: All China tourist visas are issued at the discretion of the embassy. Though it’s possible that the visa you receive will not match your expectations, you will not be eligible for a refund. Gulfvisa is unable to contest the embassy’s decision.

Download Application Pack (forms & requirements)
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New ruling from the Chinese embassy

British citizens will typically receive a multiple entry tourist visa. This will be valid for two years, allowing you to reside in China for up to 90 days per visit.

Important notice

Please do not apply for a China tourist visa more than three months before your flight.

More Information

What documents do I need to apply for a China tourist visa?

Applicants for China tourist visas must provide the following:

  1. Passport
  2. One 5cm x 5cm passport photo
  3. A completed Chinese visa application form, and declaration form.
  4. Proof of flights or cruise bookings from the UK to China, and hotel bookings.

If you are a non-British citizen, you may need to submit documentation to verify you are living in the UK legally. You must also submit fingerprints as part of the visa application process. We can book an appointment at the China Visa Centre on your behalf, the cost of which is covered in our all-inclusive visa price.

How long is a Chinese tourist visa valid for?

China tourist visas issued from the UK are typically valid for two years, allowing you multiple entries to the country. However, in some cases, the embassy may grant you validity for five or ten years. You will need to have visited China in the past to qualify for a longer visa.

What is the maximum time you can stay in China with a tourist visa from the UK?

Normally this will be for three months per visit. This period starts from the date of issue, while the specific end date will be printed on the visa inside your passport.

Are there any restrictions when applying for a Chinese tourist visa?

Non-UK nationals may need to provide some extra documentation, but otherwise, there are no restrictions provided you submit everything required for the visa application process.

China Visa Sample:

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