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University Enrolment Letter

GulfVisa provides a document attestation service for your University degree from the Saudi Arabian embassy in London, UK. For example, if you are planning on working or moving to the Saudi, you may require various documents to be attested from the Saudi Embassy. Before stamping from the Saudi Embassy, the University degree must be stamped from the Saudi Cultural Attache, then Solicitor, then the British Foreign Ministry (FCO), then the Saudi Arabian embassy. 

GulfVisa offers a document legalisation service which provides you with a quick one-stop solution to get your documents legalised from all these different organisations quickly and easily. We offer services which include stamping from the solicitor, British Foreign Office (FCO) and Saudi embassy.

The Saudi Cultural Attache does not stamp online or long distance degrees from any UK university/college or degrees from overseas UK university branch. 

How to get your documents legalised from the Saudi embassy - 3 simple steps

1Prepare the following Saudi document legalisation requirements

1. Up to date letter of enrolment.

2. Copy of the student Iqama.

3. Confirmation Letter from your father's current employer in Saudi Arabia, addressed to the Saudi Arabian Cultural Attaché and attested by the Chamber of Commerce in Saudi Arabia for private sector employees.

4. Copy of the student passport information page.

5. Copy of the Student University/College ID card.

6. A signed consent letter from you to the university asking them to release your information to Saudi Cultural Attaché & Gulfvisa.


There are four compulsory parts to getting your document attested from the Saudi Arabia embassy.

Firstly, GulfVisa will stamp your document from the Saudi Cultural Attache

Secondly, GulfVisa will stamp the same copy from a Solicitor 

Thirdly, we will stamp the same copy from the British Foreign Ministry (FCO)

Finally, we will stamp the same copy from the Saudi Embassy in London


If you have already stamped your document from the Saudi Cultural Attache, then we will stamp the same copy from the other three institutions. Please select the appropriate service below. 

2Order your Saudi Arabia Embassy document legalisation service now

Please select the service you require below. GulfVisa offer a standard and fast services.

All-Inclusive GulfVisa Price: £259.00  
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3Post (or drop off) the requirements to our GulfVisa office:
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