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Lost, Stolen or Damaged UK Passport

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Lost, Stolen or Damaged UK Passport

This page is for people who need to replace a lost, stolen, or damaged UK passport. Gulfvisa can make this process quick and hassle free!

How to obtain a replacement UK Passport - 3 simple steps

1Requirements to obtain a replacement UK Passport

1. Fill original UK passport application form that you can get from the local post office (use BLACK ball point pen only with CAPITAL LETTERS and NO correction fluid)

  • Fill out sections 1, 2, 3, 4, 8 (if applicable, give a brief description of how it was damaged), 9 and 10. Section 6 must also be filled out for applicants aged 12-15. Note: for section 1 choose option 'First British passport' and for section 2 the address must be in the UK. 

2. Two identical passport photos. One of these must be countersigned, please see the guidance regarding section 10 in our Pack. 

3. Completed LS01 form for lost or stolen British Passports. 

5. A letter on blank white paper from you addressed to the passport office, authorizing Gulfvisa Staff to apply on your behalf (you must use the template in our Pack for this).

2Order your UK Passport service online now

Your passport will be sent to you by the Passport Office after 6 working days

All-Inclusive GulfVisa Price: £209.00  
Which service do you want?
How many pages do you want in your passport? (i.e. do you want extra blank pages for more stamps)
What colour is your passport?
No. of Document(s) / Applicant(s)
3Post (or drop off) the requirements to our GulfVisa office:

Appointment System

The Passport Office have now implemented an appointment system (which we attend on your behalf). As soon as we have your complete papers we will apply for an appointment. The processing time quoted for all services is dependent on the next available appointment (i.e. begins from the appointment date) and cannot be guaranteed. We will do our best to get the early appointment and give you the best service.

The Passport Office have the right to charge full fees if the appointment be cancelled by you. These fees are non-refundable, and we cannot challenge passport office

Importance Notice

We are required by the passport office to pay for all applications prior to booking. We book all our submissions once all documents have arrived to ensure that no risk of fee loss occurs. Note that our processing time will begin from the booked appointment date.

Refund policy

HMPO have now introduced a no refund policy if the applicant has not fully disclosed their previous passport history.

Please note: As part of our service, Gulfvisa Ltd will advise you if we think any support documents unsuitable for processing. If you insist on submission, should the application then be rejected this will result in a complete loss of all fees.

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