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Qatar Embassy Personal Document Attestation

GulfVisa provides a document attestation service for your personal documents from the Qatari embassy in London, UK. For example, if you are planning on working or moving to Qatar, you may require various documents to be attested from the Qatari Embassy. These include degrees, marriage certificates and birth certificates (for a full list please click here).

We offer a document attestation service which provides you with a quick one-stop solution to get your documents attested from all these different organisations quickly and easily. We offer services which include stamping from the solicitor, British Foreign Office (FCO) and Qatari embassy. We offer international delivery (via DHL) which is available for selection on checkout. Click here to find out more about document attestation.

There are three compulsory parts to getting your document attested from the Qatar embassy.

Firstly, GulfVisa will stamp your document from a Solicitor (some documents are exempt – see below)

Secondly, we will stamp your document from the British Foreign Ministry (FCO)

Finally, we will stamp your document from the Qatar Embassy in London


The following documents are exempt from solicitor stamping:

- Original UK Birth Certificate

- Original UK Marriage Certificate

- Original UK Police Clearance Certificate (ACRO only)

- Original UK Death Certificate

- Original UK Medical Report signed by a UK Doctor*

* UK doctor must be registered with the British Foreign Office (FCO) Legalisation Department


Please Note: If you are attesting a transcript that is more than one double-sided page you must select Notary Public and not a solicitor (option available during step 2)

(Please note Gulfvisa will attest a copy of your document except for the exempted documents below)

Document attestation from the Qatari embassy - 3 simple steps

1Prepare the following documents
Prepare the following requirements to send to GulfVisa. Please click the download box on the right.
  1. Your Original Personal Document (for educational certificates please see below)
  2. Completed GulfVisa Document Attestation Form (click download box on the right)
  3. For university degree stamping the following is also required:
    • A copy of your passport information page
    • For non-UK passport holders, a copy of your UK student visa you used is also required.


Gulfvisa also offers a document translation service for your documents. You can add this service during step two below.

Download Application Pack (forms & requirements)
— OR —
Send the forms & requirements by email:
2Order your service
Please select the service you require below. GulfVisa offer a standard service (10 working days) and a fast service (5 working days).
Gulfvisa offers discounts for those who require 3+ or 5+ documents attested. Please select the service you need below and the number of documents you need attested to see our discounted prices.
All-Inclusive GulfVisa Price: £189.00  per document
Select which institutions you require attestation from?
Select your document attestation service?
Do you require your document(s) translated?
No. of Document(s) / Applicant(s)
3Post (or drop off) the requirements to our GulfVisa office:


If you wish to stamp your university degree, the Qatar Embassy requires the stamping of two documents in addition. Therefore you need to stamp three in total including:

  • Degree
  • Transcript
  • University Letter

If you want to stamp your degree, you will need to stamp your transcript too. Your transcript cannot be stamped by the solicitor and must be stamped by the notary republic instead (this is because a transcript usually has more than one page). There is a different charge for attestation from a Notary Republic. Therefore, please select the Notary Republic + FCO + Embassy instead for the attestation of a transcript. For the degree and university letter you can select Solicitor + FCO + Embassy each. In the case of degree document attestation you will need to select three services for each of the three documents.

University / College Degree Legalisation

The Qatar embassy in the UK requires all three of the following to be stamped from the Solicitor, then FCO and then finally it can be stamped by the Qatari Embassy: UK University / College Degree + Transcript + University Letter 

Please send the following to GulfVisa’s address:

  1. Original Degree 
  2. Original University Transcript
  3. Original Letter from University / College answering the following six questions*


  1. Authenticity of the degree
  2. The mode of study (full/part time or face to face learning)
  3. The place of study 
  4. The awarded title (is it a BA or BSc or MA or MSc or PhD)
  5. The duration of the course studied
  6. The start and end date of the study

*Missing any one of the answers for the following questions will cause a delay in stamping your documents until you have provided a letter with answers to all six of the questions

Gulfvisa will stamp a copy of each of the three from Solicitor then FCO then from Qatar embassy

Qatar embassy WILL NOT attest any certificate obtained via:

  • Distance Learning
  • Online Program

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the FCO? What is The Hague Convention? What if I already have my document legalised from a solicitor? What if I already have had my documents legalised from a solicitor and the FCO? Do I need to send my passport to get my documents legalised? What educational certificates can be legalised by the Qatar embassy? What teaching qualifications/certificates can be legalised by the Qatar embassy? How can I make a service order? When will GulfVisa send back my legalised documents? Can my documents be rejected? Have GulfVisa begun the document legalisation process for my documents? How can I pay?

More Information:

Do I need to send the original document or a copy?

You always need to provide your original certificate. Whether the original document or a copy of it is stamped depends on the following points:

- If your document is not exempt from solicitor stamping, we will make a copy of your document and stamp the copy. This is because the solicitor does not stamp originals. However, the solicitor must still see the original.

Note: Non-ACRO police certificates are the only original certificates which are legalised by the solicitor.

- If your document is exempt from solicitor stamping (see above), your original document will be stamped. This is because the FCO does not allow stamping of copies. Therefore, you must provide the original certificate.


Non-ACRO Police Certificates:

ACRO Police Certificates are the only police certificates which do not require solicitor stamping. Therefore, you will only have to select the service which includes FCO + Qatar Embassy attestation. A non-ACRO police certificate can still be stamped however unlike ACRO it will require legalisation from the solicitor before it can be stamped by the FCO and Qatar embassy.

Therefore, please select the service which includes solicitor, FCO and embassy for non-ACRO police certificates


Marriage Certificates

The Qatar Embassy only accept the stamping of the green UK government Marriage Certificate. They will not accept the stamping of any other type of marriage certificate.

There are a wide variety of terms which are used to describe ‘document attestation’. These include document legalisation, authentication, stamping, verification and certification.

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